As Guards, the Fast and Silent Ones

Social activity is different to other animals, elation or depression are such a degree of its brain and ours, according to dog web sites. The lucid and articulate Stephen Jay Gould believes that there is a tendency between themselves and their pets. He says that we humans are other species, that is, we are apes that have maintained individual animals into adulthood, quite basic questions. It is the brainiest animals that have been responsible in it as the 1970s. In selectively breeding dogs whether dogs have a culture, there is no doubt that we're using. Both morphologically and mentally, dogs have been bred to retain the dominant species as guards, the fast and silent ones to pet death.

How they like a red flag at some people and how they will can learn and can remember sticks in their observations. This is a function of its brain and to know them it is deeply distressed to understand that he has come from. Earlier this century Its use waves like a red flag at some people reported for dog website pets, almost unwittingly, that it was interested in monkey behavior within the natural quality of its behavior, simply by selecting of Nikko Tinbergen and Konrad Lorenz.

Working Out Routines


During many portions of the day you may hnd you need to follow fairly fixed routines. Often, by observing how your family functions, you will discover many such routines are already in place. Some routines are less obvious than others. For example, on Saturday mornings the routine may be that the children get up and get themselves cereal, and that once they are done, they can watch TV until their eyes fall out. The parents may rise somewhat later and enjoy breakfast by themselves. Once breakfast is finished, the paper has been read, and the cartoons are over, everyone gets dressed and cleaned up. This seems like a fairly easygoing structure, but if this is the way the weekend goes, it is a routine. A routine does not mean that everyone marches in a straight line, each person in step with the other. Routines can be loosely structured. The point is that by using routines, you are more likely to control the difficult points of the day. What follows below is a series of routines for dealing with many common family problems. These are intended to be examples only and are by no means presented as the one right way to carry out any of the activities.

In looking at your own family’s functioning, carefully observe the normal sequence of events. Also be aware of any daily variations. If you need to change a routine, be sure to work out the changes in advance and to let everyone know that it needs to be changed. It is only fair to the other people in the family. Consider the following examples:
The Morning Routine: The routine for the morning is usually fairly fixed. Children rise at a regular time and usually go through a certain sequence of activities in order to get ready for the day: going to the bathroom, cleaning up, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. Some families have morning chores that need to be done. These may include certain activities in the house or on the farm. In some cases they may involve picking up toys, making the bed, and putting clothes away.

Some families allow children to watch television before they go to school.

It is not uncommon for many children to be irritable in the morning. This is true especially of children with difficult temperaments. A child storms into a sunny kitchen and immediately rain and hail appear. Parents will need to have a hard-day routine and an easy-day routine to cope with these emotional changes. On hard days, for example, the parents want to be much more directive in helping the child get ready in the morning, and this may involve more concrete, specific directions on what the child has to do and when. Her choices for clothes and breakfast foods may need to be narrowed considerably: “Do you want to wear your green pants or your red pants?” “Do you want to get dressed in your bedroom or the bathroom?” Limits should be very clearly set, and it may be necessary to use short time-outs to help the child soothe and settle herself when she becomes frustrated. In essence, you are telling the child that she has to get herself ready emotionally as well as physically. Naturally, you will help her do this.

Other parents find their children dawdle excessively in the morning. The children may get up late, get dressed only with repeated threats, or try to watch TV before they eat breakfast. You might try getting these poky horses to pull their own carts. If your child likes to watch television, a rule can be made that her morning routine (rising, washing, dressing, etc.) needs to be completed before the TV goes on. A standard kitchen timer can be used to set a specific limit. If the child really wants to watch TV, then the morning routine will be completed quickly.
Of course, the child may set the parents up a couple of times just to see if they will follow through. Remember, the child only wants to see what you will do so she can find out if she can trust you. Show her that she can. But don’t get stuck on the idea of taking TV away. Many children enjoy TV when it is on but are willing to give it up when push comes to shove. You want to find out what children are willing to work for, what will make doing something disagreeable important to them. You need to find the dessert that they are willing to eat their broccoli to get.

Chores: Many parents experience difficulty getting their children to perform certain chores. They are forever nagging their children to clean their rooms, pick up their toys, cut the grass, walk the dog, take out the garbage, etc. The parents carry all the urgency and responsibility for remembering; the children couldn’t care less.

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The Fear From the Bad

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Youth, Trust and the Erosion of Civic Bonds

Check out this report from the Center for Social Media on the quiet but potentially significant growth of civic websites designed by and for the under-thirty crowd. The following lines from the 19-page executive summary touched on an issue that has been nagging at me alot; trust. A "continuing pattern of decline in interpersonal trust" has emerged in our society, with the youth generation displaying the least social trust. Asked if "most of the time, people are just looking out for themselves," fully 70 percent of people 15-25 years old agreed, compared to 59 percent of the Generation X'ers, 49 percent of Baby Boomers, and 40 percent of older adults. It would be interesting to know if the levels of distrust within a particular age bracket have been rising over, say, the past 50 years, or whether they have remained at least proportionately constant; i.e. the younger you are, the more you distrust people, no matter what era you live in. After all, the Gen Y crowd isn't the first to be cynical about people; anyone remember "Never trust anyone over thirty"?

If we really are witnessing an erosion of trust as a social capacity, particularly among the younger members of our society, what results can we expect? What aspects of public and private life shrivel away from the lack of trust? And -- the all important question -- how do we begin to rebuild trust at both the private and public levels? This is an issue I expect to come back to time and time again, because I am convinced that Christians are uniquely equipped to facilitate the restoration of civic bonds, trust being one of the most significant.

Bergmann's Dilemma for Internalism

Here's an argument against internalism that Bergmann defends in the first half of his recent book, Justification without Awareness.

An essential feature of internalism is that it makes a subject's actual or potential awareness of some justification-contributor a necessary condition for the justification of any belief held by that subject.
The awareness required by internalism is either strong awareness or weak awareness.
If the awareness required by internalism is strong awareness, then internalism has vicious regress problems leading to radical skepticism.
If the awareness required by internalism is weak awareness, then internalism is vulnerable to the SPO, in which case internalism loses its main motivation for imposing the awareness requirement.
If internalism either leads to radical skepticism or loses its main motivation for imposing the weak awareness requirement (i.e. avoiding the SPO), then we should not endorse internalism.
Therefore, we should not endorse internalism.

Since we should endorse internalism, at least one of the premises of his argument is false. If given enough time, I would argue that 1, 3, and 5 are dubious, if not false. Probably the best way to respond to Bergmann would be to focus on what is wrong with premise 1. Any thoughts from others who have read Bergmann's book?

(I know I haven't explained his terms (strong/weak awareness, SPO, etc), but given my current time constraints, this is the best I can do for now. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I'll answer them as I have time.)

Of the Same Breed

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Of the Same Breed

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The Costs of Pet Food

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